The Municipal Environmental Campaign U.A.N.
The Municipal Environmental Campaign U.A.N. is located in Hanover, the state capital of Lower Saxony in the north of Germany. The U.A.N. literally exists under the umbrella of the association of towns and municipalities in Lower Saxony, not only spacious, but also organisationally. The U.A.N. is an independent registered association, but is closely linked by management and council with the association of towns and municipalities. The association was founded in 1985.

The objectives of the Municipal Environmental Campaign U.A.N., the first and only municipal environmental organisation in Germany, are to help municipalities, municipal associations and companies with the solution of local environmental challenges. The U.A.N. is non-governmental and only attends to those environmental challenges that can be solved, or at least influenced, on the local level.

The U.A.N. gives suggestions, information, instructions and assistance for municipal environmental work. It carries out seminars and workshops and encourages the exchange of experience between its members. Furthermore, the U.A.N. offers services in various environmental fields. The main work of the U.A.N. is project related.

By acquiring a sustaining membership, municipalities, associations, companies, departments of organisations, but also individual people can support the work of the U.A.N.

Sustaining members get for free:
  1. all member information, e.g. circular letters

  2. a subscription for the environmental information service „Rathaus und Umwelt“ (“town hall and environment”)
    This environmental information service reports on municipal-relevant issues, problems and developments in the environmental area. It is based on the analysis of information from economy, industry, authorities and organisations, parliaments and research establishments.

  3. a copy of every publication by the U.A.N.

  4. reduced registration fee to all informational events and seminars of the U.A.N.

  5. a discount on all U.A.N. service offers

For further information:

phone: +49 (0)511 / 30285-60

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